All you need to know about chairs and recliner

How to choose chair and recliner?

What factors need to be considered when buying a chair? Immediately determine the type, installation location, desired stool weight and other parameters. Preliminary preparation will allow you to make the right choice.
Select your. What kind of chairs do you need, hard or soft, normal, foldable sludge and stackable? Or do you need half-chairs - chairs with armrests? Think about whether you will buy the same or different chairs

Installation location

Determine in advance. How to choose a chair for the kitchen and dining room? The approach here will be different, and first of all it concerns materials. The kitchen requires models that are resistant to dirt and moisture, preferably with a washable back (it is not always taken with clean hands for it). The chair in a separate dining room can also have textile upholstery, in the living room - be skinned in a tone of upholstered furniture. And for folding chairs in a cafe, where they will be used very intensively, it is necessary to choose a framework of the most durable materials, and the seats and backrests - from the most practical.

Height of chair

Sit down and try. Chairs must always be selected in the store. There you can conduct a test drive. During sitting, your feet should touch the floor, and your knees should bend at a right angle.

For buyers of small or, conversely, high-rise chairs with adjustable seat height are offered. Pressing the lever-lever under the seat, you will activate the "gas-lift" mechanism (it was borrowed from office chairs).

Depth and width of the seat

Spacious and comfortable. The anterior edge of any chair should not "bite" into the space below the knees. The optimal depth is 40-45 cm: in this case, there is a gap of about 5 cm between the leg and the tip of the seat. This is especially important when choosing a hard dining chair. When buying a model with armrests, pay attention to the width of the seat. Among your guests may be full people who simply do not fit in a chair

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